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Trauma happens thru out life, whether it comes from mental stresses, emotional issues or a physical trauma, accident, or injury. The body accepts these traumas and learns how to adapt as best it can until it reaches a point in time that it is no longer able to adapt without the beginning of symptoms.

The body is always trying to reach balance. When there is some level of dysfunction or trauma that has happened, the body is in a state of organized dysfunction. CranioSacral Therapist observes the body's subtle rhythms and patterns of inertia or congestion By engaging the body's "self correcting mechanism" the Practitioner assists the body to release restrictions in and around the Central Nervous System by using a very light touch. When the Central Nervous System is functioning optimally, the entire body is able to work at optimal efficiency and consequently this in turn affects every other system in the body.

As the Practitioner, I follow your body's lead, and let your body show me where the restriction or restrictions exist and then follow "your body's wisdom" as it show me the way to assist in enhancing the body's own self-healing and self-regulating capabilities.

The session is very relaxing and clients generally have a wonder feeling of well being afterward. Many people enjoy the deep relaxation and become so relaxed they leave feeling calm, peaceful, balanced and restored.

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I look forward to offering this wonderful therapy to you.   

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Jun 05
Tight and Shortened Psaos Muscles Cause Low Back, Hip and Knee Problems

Tight and Shortened Psaos Muscles Cause Low Back, Hip and Knee Problems

Many people have chronic low back, hip and knee pain.  An x-ray or MRI can show how the skeleton may be aligned or misaligned, but it does not show the cause, which may be tight muscles pulling the skeleton out of alignment.  The psoas is one of the main muscles that is both a powerful stabilizer and an important body flexor, but if it is shortened by activities that we habitually do, it can cause skeletal problems throughout the body.  Learn how to bring your psoas back into it normal healthy length.

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