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Friday 2 September 2011

Anyone Can Benefit From a Relaxing CST Session

Posted by at 2:44 PM

Anyone Can Benefit From a Relaxing CST Session

CranioSacral Therapy might sound like a very technical therapy that only a small group of really physically impaired people would benefit from, but that could not be further from the truth!

* You need not suffer from a chronic condition to benefit.
Although it may be true that many people who have suffered for weeks, months and even years may have finally found the relief that they have been searching for, it also is a very gentle, relaxing therapy that can benefit anyone who has experienced any type of mental, emotional or physical trauma. Seriously, who do you know who has not experienced something in the way of a very stressful time, or an emotional difficulty that has been life altering?

*Even small mental and emotional stresses take a toll on our physical bodies.
What science now knows, is that even mental or emotional difficulties can pave the way for physical symptoms. Just think about all of the different “stress related illnesses” that are well known and well documented. Now, also consider these other physical symptoms of trauma that we often experience after a serious emotional upset:

  • Insomnia or Nightmares

  • Being Started Easily

  • Racing Heartbeat

  • Aches and Pains

  • Fatigue

  • Difficulty Cencentrating

  • Edginess and Agitation

  • Muscle Tension

*Sometimes we do not realize that our physical condition is related to our emotions.
These symptoms can sneak up on us and sometimes we do not even realize the connection. Eventually, if the emotional trauma is not released, these symptoms can result in a true physical condition that can become chronic. This is how emotional symptoms can cause a chronic physical condition. Who would have ever guessed that your chronic structural condition could have begun with an emotional upset.

What if we could release the symptoms of emotional distress before it can so severely impact the physical? How would that look?

*Perhaps talk therapy could help.
Perhaps you could see a healthcare professional that uses talk therapy. This type of therapy has been very helpful for many. It can really help sometimes to talk it out with a trained professional. If this route makes sense to you, by all means make an appointment with a qualified professional

However, perhaps we could find another gentle and relaxing therapy that could help break the pattern of mental and emotional stress that interrupts our sleep, raises our blood pressure, keeps us edgy and irritable, or just feeling just plain sad.

*CranioSacral Therapy helps us return to balance by releasing restrictions.
To quote Michael Morgan, one of my teachers, on his BodyEnergy.net website:“In the most general sense, CranioSacral therapy works for balance, and to restore harmony to the body at the level of the core nervous system. Because CranioSacral therapy works by directly accessing the central nervous system, we allow the body to most effectively use its inner intelligence to repair, re-regulate and reharmonize old traumas and insults that we have experienced in life, whether they are recent or very old. It may help you to completely release something that has never ‘gone away’, make you more comfortable or function better for a condition that is chronic or irreversible, or just simply allow you to feel more relaxed and in touch with your body. “

*We can get stuck in the “fight of flight” mechanism that prepares us for an emergency
When the stressful things happen we can end up stuck in the fight or flight system that is our body's way of preparing us to act in case of an emergency. It is this reaction of the body that can keeps us stuck on rev. A CranioSacral Therapy session helps to calm this part of us so that we can get to the calm feeling that everything will be alright after all. When we are stuck on rev, nothing seems right, everything seems wrong. If we are stuck in this way of thinking, this is what can cause the emotional and mental to impact the physical.

*Sometimes we do not realize that we are stuck because it is what we are used to.
Perhaps you are even so accustom to this stuck feeling that it feels normal. A lot of people have no idea how different they would feel if they could just really relax. This is the relaxation that CranioSacral Therapy can bring - a welcome sense of relief, even if we do not realize how stressed we really are.

*Take a break today!!
Would you welcome a break from the normal stresses of life? Most people these days would answer with an emphatic YES!!

*Call today for a relaxing session.
Feel free to call for more information or see my website for more information – www.YourBodyWisdom.net. I am currently offering a new client special of only $40.00 for a one hour session.

This would be a great way to end the summer!! I look forward to hearing from you!! Call Jan to set up an appointment today at – 715-571-6000!!