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Janice Strehlow

Body Wisdom LLC
1803 Stewart Ave, Suite A
Wausau, WI 54401

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Here is yet another example of "Your Body's Wisdom".
EFT is  based on the same meridian systems that Traditional Acupuncture uses, but with out the needles.  Instead of needles to stimulate the Acupuncture, EFT uses your finger tips to stimulate certain meridian points on the head and chest to send kinetic energy into these specific meridian points while you think about the traumatic or emotional or physical pain or discomfort that you may be experiencing, and then voicing positive affirmations.

By using the combination of tapping and voicing the problem and then the positive affirmations, it works to short-circuit the emotional block that is connected to whatever the problem is.  This in turn restores the mind-body balance. 

EFT is an effective way to move past emotional issue that you have been experiencing and bring you welcome relief from chronic pain.
As you do this you allow your body to release the very things that have caused your discomfort, whether it is old emotional traumas, phobias, negative outlooks, patterns and beliefs.
Many people have been liberated from symptoms that they have lived with from days to weeks to years in mere moments.